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Get Support from Our Global Community  Consistent and Reliable Transformational Results By Doing "Mini's" With Our Advanced Practitoners

Unlock Lasting Transformation with the Intuitive Mind Community

After mastering your mindset, awareness, and energetics through the Intuitive Mind Program, you'll discover the power of "mini's" – the key exercise to reprogram, repair, and reset your nervous system. This practice directly trains your system to operate from a state of groundedness, well-being, and safety.

Why "Mini's" Are Revolutionary

This ground-breaking practice, perfected over nearly 20 years, is astonishingly simple to implement. Each session lasts just 10 minutes, making it incredibly life-friendly while offering profound healing benefits.

Experience the Full Potential with Trained Partners

While you could practice with friends, family, or colleagues, untrained partners might lead to frustration. Instead, we offer access to our exclusive network of trained practitioners – individuals who, like you, have embraced and mastered this transformative process.

Connect with a Global Community

Our worldwide community of practitioners ensures you always have someone to practice with, no matter your time zone. This support network is here to help you continue reaping the benefits long after completing the program, ensuring you’re fully equipped to transform and heal every aspect of your life.

Here's what you get with this Unprecedented new Member Upgrade:

Advanced Practitioner Community: Join our 'Nervous System Reset Protocol Practitioners' online group for access to skilled practitioners worldwide so you can reprogram and reset your nervous system on demand. $497 Value

One-on-One Custom Game Plan: Jump on a Call with our Client Success Coach for clear, personalized steps toward the life you want, complete with a system to ensure predictable and sustainable transformation. $697 Value

Weekly Live Tune-Up Calls: Every Tuesday, join Guy & Ilan for exclusive live coaching on transformation, healing, success, and relationships (or catch the replay). $997 Value

You'll Also Get Instant Access to These Two Incredible Bonus Transformational Experiences:

BONUS #1: Ticket To Our 2-Day Live Virtual Healing Event

We're Including It With Your Order and It Includes:

Immediate Access to Training: Get instant access to 12 hours of recorded training in your private members area. Start your awareness and healing practices even before the live event begins. $1,997 Value
Engage In Eye-Opening Group And Personal Exercises To Rewire Your Emotional And Mental Awareness For Healthy Stress Responses And Access To Advanced States Of Well-Being.  $997 Value
Master Rarely-Taught Healing Techniques For Daily And Weekly Practice, Ensuring Continuous Growth And Healing Beyond The Event. $997 Value

BONUS #2: Mindset Mastery Immersion Course

We're Including It With Your Order and It Includes:

Achieve a Calmer, More Focused Mind: Discover mindfulness techniques that help you stay present and reduce stress.  
Build Deeper, More Fulfilling Relationships: Gain insights into effective communication strategies that foster understanding and empathy. 
Proactive Life Approach: Shift from a reactive to a proactive mindset. Learn how to make decisions that align with your values and goals, leading to a more purposeful and satisfying life. 
Sustainable Personal Growth: Engage with a program designed for long-term, sustainable personal growth. 



"I used to take down my entire household...I now continue to see my family thriving and it's f*#$ing crazy to me. I tell everyone about you guys." - Audra

"Sincredibly grateful I found you guys. You guys have change my life in such a powerful way in a way that I'll never be able to re-pay. I love you guys." - Mike

"I was burnt out or see any hope...I'm now doing the same work and my retention has gone through the roof. We had a record week last week " - Joe

"My husband is looking at me and said, I don't know what you're doing but keep doing it because everything is better." - Lori

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