Learn the Types of Results Our Clients Have been getting applying This simple practice:

Did you know that over 12,857 people just like you have tackled their anxiety, stopped procrastinating, improved their health, mended relationships, and found new ways to succeed in just two days?

They achieved this through our breakthrough Nervous System Reset Protocol (NSRP). You can make these changes too!

Just focus on the three simple areas we'll share with you below.

Welcome to the Intuitive Mind Experience, where we guide you to a whole new way of experiencing your life, relationships, mental and emotional health, and work life.

It's crucial to recognize that our negative habits and trauma we're not created in isolation, humans are social creatures by our very nature.

They developed from situations where our deepest needs weren't met during our informative years with our primary caregivers.

These traumas can become 'frozen' in time within our bodies as blocked energy, easily noticeable once you're trained on how to detect it.

While traditional therapy and mindset strategies are useful, they often fall short in creating true healing experiences because they don't typically address this and fall short of providing true relief.

Since trauma does not occur in isolation, it is doubly important that when doing 'healing work' we don't do it in isolation either.

Working in 'energetic tandem' with others is the quickest way to transform and heal yourself.

Once we discovered that we could not heal ourselves without another person present using these techniques, our transformation and healing experiences greatly accelerated.

Traditional Mindset or Personal Development Training Simply Doesn't Cut It

Many self-improvement enthusiasts have read countless books and taken various courses, yet they still don't see the results they want.

They often end up managing their thoughts better, but deep down, the struggle with old habits persists. This ongoing internal battle can be exhausting.

Relying solely on mindset techniques usually means you end up just coping better, without truly overcoming the underlying issues.

So, how can we truly break free and enhance every aspect of our lives? 

Our approach goes beyond traditional mindset methods. 

We focus intensely on unlocking the potential of your higher consciousness through simple exercises that anyone can begin mastering in a few hours. 

This allows anyone to quickly change their nervous system's automatic reactions layer by layer and nearly guarantees success when applied properly.

A Unique Blend of Ancient Wisdom Practices & Neuro-Science Techniques

We blend ancient wisdom practices with modern scientific methods to create a unique experience that few people have encountered before. 

This means you won’t have to constantly manage your automatic reactions. 

Instead, you'll heal those spontaneous reactions that often seem uncontrollable, and become a person that is able to respond to their circumstances from a grounded place, instead of reacting from old and often negative trauma patterns.

Think of these automatic reactions as an alarm system that goes off when a part of you feels unsafe

These triggers are incredibly subtle and cannot be mastered by just trying harder or using common mindset reframing techniques.

The Key to Success: Enhancing The Quality of The Energy Behind Your Actions

"It's not about the action that you're taking, but instead it's the quality of the energy BEHIND the action, that will determine the success of that action."

Our nearly two-decade journey to perfect this method means you can meet these automatic parts of yourself in a new way, helping them find what they need to finally calm down and reset.

We have discovered that these automatic responses are closely linked to your overall quality of life, how you interact in your relationships, and your ability to attract desirable situations into your life.

Real success rarely comes from just doing more or working harder; it comes from focusing on the energy behind your actions.

Cultivate Safety, Well-being, and Connection While Learning The Art of Successful Manifestation

It's simple - Actions driven by fear, stress, anxiety or ovewhelm only lead to more fear, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

It's the fundamental principle in physics, like attract like.

This is clearly 'low quality energy' and undesirable, to act from here is to attract more undesirable circumstances.

True safety, well-being, and connection aren’t things you can aquire — they’re cultivated from within with committed and regular practice.

You must cultivate these qualities within yourself day-by-day by using precision processes that are incredibly easy to apply once you undertand the deep subtle needs of the human being.

When you cultivate a foundation of safety, well-being, and authentic connection within yourself (and to others), your actions are sourced from a place of 'high quality' energy.

This is how sustainable and predictable transformation takes hold in your life.

Transforming your personal and profesional life, relationships, mental and emotional well-being, and scuccess based actions in ways you never expected or knew were possible for you.

Once you cultivate these qualities within yourself, you'll see the positive changes they bring to every area of your life without question.

The Intuitive Mind Experience is simple and effective, ready for anyone eager to learn and make profound changes to their quality of life.

Our promise?

If you commit to doing the work, you'll see the results. Period.

Simply put?

The work works for anyone willing to do the work.

We'll see you on the inside!

-Guy & Ilan Ferdman | Co-Founders of Satori Prime

The Intuitive Mind Program Focuses On 3 Key Areas

Self-to-Self Practices

What You Can Do Each Day At Home To Systematically Transform & Heal

We'll outline the exact type of active healing meditation practice that you can do on your own in 10 to 20 minutes a day that help you identify, release, and ultimately speed up your experience of healing.

Focus 1: Learn The Frame Work Behind Our Science Backed NSRP Methodology
Focus 2: Shift Your Perspective and Upgrade Your Transformation Philosophy
Module 3: Experience Your Body's Subtle Energy For The First Time

Self-to-Other Practices

Learning How to "Borrow" Another Nervous System For Healing

We'll outline the exact 10 minute practice you can do to reset, release, and reprogram your autonomic nervous system and give you an opportunity to practice it. 

Focus 1: Learn The Simple Practice That Has Changed Countless Lives
Focus 2: Learn to Track Your Subtle Energy For Healng Purposes
Focus 3: Put Your Body Into "Healing Mode" For The First Time. Feel an Immediate Impact on Your Mind & Mood

Self-to-Group Practices

Unleash High States of Consciousness & Healing Through Group Work

We'll work at the level of group to help you locate higher states of consciousness that are more accessible in group fields.

Focus 1: Repair and Heal From Negative, Painful, or Broken Relationships
Focus 2: Experience The Power and Influence of Your Energetic System 
Focus 3: Have a Deep Healing Through The Power of the Collective Field 

Your Guides & Teachers

Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Meet Guy and Ilan Ferdman, dynamic coaching veterans with a combined 42 years of expertise in transforming lives. Their trailblazing approach to personal evolution and healing has uplifted and enhanced the lives of tens of thousands. Not only individuals but also large-scale organizations have soared to new heights of productivity, joy, and purpose, all thanks to their guidance and expertise.

Known collectively as Satori Prime, they have emerged as an invaluable resource for all those looking to ignite unimaginable positive changes in every corner of their life, relationships, and business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this work for anyone?

Yes! We've coached thousands of people and various organizations over the last 12 years. Regardless of your life circumstances or previous attempts to change your life, this can work for you if you show up and commit to going through the videos. You don't even have to take notes!

What's the methodology used?

Our work is blended with the latest findings of neuroscience, linguistics, psychology, and therapy blended with very specific ancient wisdom techniques that create a potent experience for our students and clients, which nearly guarantees breakthroughs in the most critical areas of life.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! We should only get paid if you get value. Hence, we have put a 14-day satisfaction guarantee on this program.  If you go through the program and you don't get the value you wanted, please get a full refund.  We are confident this program will deliver 10x your investment in value.

What is transformational coaching?

Having a coach is a way to create immediate movement, growth, and leverage in your life. Guy and Ilan Ferdman have studied human development, transformation, and healing practices for 40 years. Through their guidance and expertise, you can accelerate your learning to condense twenty years of life-changing knowledge into a few eye-opening hours.

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